Friday, May 23, 2014

Stepping out of the burrow

We did something very out of character for us; we went to a very informal munch. Now generally we don't do those sorts of things. Most of them involve hours of driving and frankly, we don't care enough to want to drive all that way, 'cos round here hours of driving will take you hundreds of kilometres away. No one cares enough to drive that far to be in a room full of strangers... well we don't at any rate.

This was different and it's all kaya's fault. She commented on someone's writing, which led one to look at their profile and notice that they were attending drinks down the road. So being the nosiest person on earth, one mentioned it to Him. His response was classic introvert; why do we want to do that?
It might be interesting, besides if you hate it we can leave and get some dinner together
Yes, one small slave had to resort to food bribes... it's usually the other way round

Anyway we went with very low expectations. We have both been involved with scenes before; Him the performance arts and one small slave the lesbian community. Both groups are not known around this state for their open friendliness. Well the arts are more inclined to snooty vetting, the lesbians towards outright cold shoulders, but that is not what this is about. This is about a nice, friendly bunch of kinksters...

If you were inclined to become scene orientated they are your gateway drug. They were very friendly and curious and inclined to ask questions that illustrated how far apart we are as groups of people, usually in language that drove home how some of those discussions go so awry on line. It was a bit like trying to pick words out of a bag and have a conversation with them. It might have worked for David Bowie when he was writing songs, but for conversations it was a little more fraught. We will return to some of those issues a little later though, as time is short at the moment.

What one will say is that if you were about to stick your toe into uncharted waters, you couldn't hope for a more convivial bunch to start you off. That is not to say that behind the faces isn't all sorts of drama, which happens in any group, but finding that stuff out is half the fun... well for a people watcher at any rate
And should they ever have drinks down the road again, we would probably drive the five minutes that it takes :D


ancilla_ksst said...

How fun! We love our munch group.

Master's piece said...

Oh it was fun and we would do it again, but... it was complicated :)

ancilla_ksst said...

The first munch we went to was also. Everyone had to introduce themselves around the room and say their role. They got to Master and he says "I'm vanilla." There were a lot of shocked looks, let me tell you. He thought that was the best part.

Master's piece said...

Oh, they really do all get the same joke book don't they :(
It comes with the decoder ring.

kaya said...

Don't blame this on me! lol

Master's piece said...

Oh hell woman, it's all your fault :P