Monday, May 19, 2014

The death of a Monday

Our vanillas have moved to a new house. It was a move that was precipitated by their latest addition, a baby girl who has the men wrapped around her tiny fist already. In the wake of the move he has taken up smoking once again due to the stress. Basically he did the move with only the help of his brother, as she isn't allowed to lift anything heavier than the baby.

Apart from that they seem to have adjusted to their new digs quite well. Well apart from the garage that is. That room looks like a cyclone of boxes hit. So being the good friends that we are, we volunteered to come over next Monday to help sort it out and help him set up their gym again. It seems to be the only thing that helps keep the smoking in check.

Now at the time of this volunteering one was not feeling completely without ulterior motivation. See we had gone over there to have a BBQ and play a few games. By that time we had been at it for nearly four hours (of what would be 12) and the arse was numb. And next week we are gaming all Sunday. The prospect of two days of gaming in a row was making one far more helpful than normal.

The cunning plan was going along swimmingly until He blabbed that one had never played "Settlers of Catan". His mini me is a huge fan. Has every game of it ever invented one suspects. So does his brother.
Oh we will all have to play next week he cried.
Um... we are doing your gym one reminded gently, with only a hint of desperation in the voice
Pffft! he declared, waving the reminder aside

Sighs you watch, we will get there and that bloody garage will be spotless to make room for the damned game :(

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