Friday, October 21, 2011

Addictions run deep

It was strange, reading this over on kaya's blog made one have the most massive craving for a cigarette. Which was probably her intended aim... the woman is an embryonic sadist at heart. The strange thing is it has been 14 years since one lit up and sucked back on those sweet, if noxious, sticks of pleasure. Maybe quitting cold turkey doesn't address the underlying reasons why you like to smoke... any more than being forced to quit does.

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See one was forced to quit by a cruel and vile tyrant... known to some as local government. They decided in an effort to save their citizens from themselves, to force cigarette companies to put a health warning label on their product. Sobranie said jam it up your arse... your sales are not worth defacing our product for. And so one was left... not smoking... cold turkey... in a completely non-consensual way L

Then the rest of the world decided to come on board with a health warning and Sobranie was forced to comply. For a few glorious weeks one was reunited with the object of lust and oral fixations. Then our government said sorry your warnings are not big enough... they need to be a third of the front packaging in size. And again Sobranie said sod off... this time forever. Well you can see it from their point of view... there wouldn't be any room for that nifty imperial gold eagle on their Black Russians if they had to do that.

Then of course the government upped the anti... they wanted unpleasant pictures on the packaging as well. Not that those actually stopped the dedicated smoker... they just switched to cigarette tins. And all the while the price was steadily increased... not that the real smokers actually quit... they just switched to a less expensive brand. Now the government are engaged in a war with the cigarette companies. They want plain packaging on all cigarettes... no visible brand names or colours, along with the complete ban on advertising of any kind.

Now in all of this you may be wondering why the government doesn't just ban smoking altogether. They have near buildings, in buildings, clubs, pubs, beaches and anywhere else they can exert their power. Well you see the sad fact is that although one of the biggest drains on health resources is the smokers... they also fund everyone else's via their taxes. It is a delicate line... pull them in too much and there will be no revenue... don't pull them in and you may be open to a law suit.

All of this has left the fussy smoker... waves... without a choice. And the occasional hankering for a cigarette long after the act of quitting. Out of the blue that insidious little voice goes a cigarette would be perfect right about now. The need is entwined with the other pleasure centres of the brain being stimulated; like after a good meal or a great orgasm. Push those buttons and bam... up pops the craving.

Generally when you knock one addiction on the head another one appears. The body is far better at transferring allegiance than quitting it would seem. Oral fixations are particularly hard for the body to let go of... it is probably attached to the whole breast feeding (or lack thereof) thing. Maybe what one needs to do is perform more therapeutic oral sex... eyes Him off in a calculating manner... shame he isn't that fond of it L

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