Thursday, October 6, 2011

Highlighted grey notes

Drifting awake one became aware of the soft pitter pat of rain on the roof. Twitching back the curtain confirmed this, and one took a moment to appreciate the gentle falls from the pearl grey sky. The joy of living in a dry country is that you enjoy the sight of rain. It is an all too infrequent event... even in spring.

He came home to find one working on stretching out the ankle by kneeling in the doorway. Of late, with the ankle and surgery, one has taken to using the step and letting the feet dangle over the edge. For the record it will stretch, it just refused to cooperate when you try and stand on it. Though it was probably amusing, watching a normally graceful person scrambling around like a geriatric to get up... swear there was a glimmer behind the concern in His eyes.

We had breakfast and went to bed for a little old fashioned vaginal sex. Mind you He cheated. Grabbing both breasts in his hands He mashed and twisted them, which made one cum way too quickly rather than letting one enjoy the ride. Preparing to dismount... well one of us had cum... He threatened to cut one off from all orgasms for a year.

And you know something? The tiny, sex addled part of the brain actually contemplated doing it. Just to see the look on His face. He must have guessed what was going on too, 'cos his hand snaked up under the collar... which cut off the air in a disturbing way... and one got that look. Seriously it's not a slave's fault if He wasn't winning that race... surely?

Honestly they can be so mean. And then after He came, he snuggled into his doona as one dragged a reluctant arse out of bed to go to work. It was sort of all downhill from that point on...


Owl said...

Hah! He tortures me by doing the same thing. Grabbing my collar (because he knows what I'm thinking before I do!) and keeping me from getting away and doing what *I* want to do. Then he submits me to whatever torture he wants!

It's the only time I regret having a collar, because he grabs me with it ALL the time.

Vixen4770 said...

Nope, it's not your fault that he's so damn good at pushing your buttons. He should start training you to cum on command, that way you would only do it when HE wanted you to.

Master's piece said...

You know one can see why kaya kicks you... It doesn't seem to work though :(