Monday, October 10, 2011

Christmas shopping in October

Now, one would just love to claim being that far ahead of schedule, but it would be a lie... so stress not you uber organised types. No, this was a case of Him and a rather expensive shopping list at yea not so local photographic supply store. And a Birthday Christmas combo nearing... what better time to take advantage of your slave's good nature J

So off we trotted at the crack of dawn... well itfelt like that with time for only one cup of coffee... one of us back in a skirt and shoes for the first time in months. Admittedly they were only flats, but they were cute flats not sports shoes. Hey in this world we celebrate what we can. And one was rewarded with His eyes lighting up... something they just don't do for jeans. Oh and there were food treats for good behaviour... but one digresses from shopping.

For the benefit of this it might be an idea to clarify the good natured part... parting with money usually doesn't put one in a good mood however, when it comes to personal shopping for Him it was pure relief to just hand over a bank account and say whatever. See one of us is organised... there is a list of what would be nice for Christmas issued and people go from there. Him... nothing like that... oh no. It starts with... so what are you buying me? And ends up with so what's the budget? Which is usually followed by well there are a few things I wouldn't mind...

From there it usually escalates into must haves, can't live with outs and long, long, long discussions of the merit of product A over product B. Honestly those conversations are where the drama degree comes to life... imagine the longest monologue delivered under a single spot... with passion and eloquence. And then imagine you in the audience... trapped by ushers... sitting there with tears of blood streaming down your face. You are getting the idea.

No this process was much faster... He had an extensive list and our bank accounts. Never before in the annals of shopping has a bank account been sacrificed with such enthusiasm... or such relief. It's one of those little Jedi mind tricks that ensure you are happy to surrender your money. And be grateful for the opportunity to do so. Thank you Master.


Owl said...

Every time you use the word 'annals' in one of your posts, I always think 'anal.' I mean, yeah, I know they don't mean the same thing, but I can't help but associate you with anal. :P

Vixen4770 said...

Can you teach this to mine?? Please???