Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The upside of glamour

As a casual observation one would just like to say that glamour photography is missing one thing. The glamour bit mostly. Studio work in particular is long, hot and tedious, and you are doing it slathered in makeup that has to be touched up all the time. To add insult to injury the rule of thumb is, if you are in pain the camera is going to love the pose and you are going to get to do it with a smile on your face.

Anyone who thinks modelling is an easy thing to do has never had bright lights shone in their face, up their thigh or on some other more intimate body parts. All the while having someone encourage them to hold that, move that, point that or twist just a little bit more. Today's model was an absolute trooper.
Hell one of the lights packed it in before she did L

Now as a natural cameraphobe one can't imagine what possesses someone to want to do this voluntarily for fun. In fact it is the very definition of hell, but there has been an upside to all this. With all the garage and illness and photo shoots one small slave has been gloriously neglected. Honestly if you want to fly under the radar... peers around furtively... keep them distracted with something else*. Of course this state of nirvana will not last long, and it won't be too good when it ends, but meanwhile...

Why this level of glee at being neglected you may be wondering...

Well not only has one not been shoved in front of a camera... beams radiantly... but that butt plug has been out for a while now. In fact the arse has got used to doing things its own way... so to speak. The trouble with all of this is when life returns to normal... OK what passes for it round here... His attention will snap back and that arse is going to have reached virgin status again.

This is going to hurt L


*While all care is taken, one accepts no responsibility for any untoward outcome of these slave survival tips.


Vixen4770 said...

Glad the shoot went well! Not so glad the ass has found it's lost virginity :( But just think of all the yummy painful experiences you get to have all over again!

Master's piece said...

Some of us are not masochistic... well not as masochistic as some ;)