Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The beginning of the day

The day started very differently from how it finished. He had been hauled in for a staff meeting... which is a cheek when it is not only your day off, but early in the afternoon on that day. The upshot of it was that one small slave was dropped off at a decent shopping centre for three hours (actually it turned out way longer than that, but...) of unfettered girly shopping. Now admittedly there was a long list of stuff He wanted for his photographic needs, but it was mostly girly stuff like makeup... and there was unaccounted time in there.

So off one trotted dutifully with our respective lists. Stuff for Him... and maybe a dress for summer... and of course some shoes to go with it... for oneself. Now clothing wise one has a tendency towards well cut clothes in good solid plain colours, usually in the form of separates. The trouble with curves and large breasts is that dresses are very hard to find... it fits on the bust and is huge around the arse or the personal favourite... it is a great fit and there is six inches of bra exposed in between the two points of fabric where the top is supposed to be L

Several fitting rooms and four times as many horrible, poorly and unflatteringly lit mirrors later... when will department stores learn they would sell twice as many clothes if they didn't skimp on the changing rooms... one emerged clutching an aberration. A dress that was a great fit... and a small pattern of turquoise, putty, khaki, cream and black in something that one can only describe as Gold Coast camouflage. Deciding to see if one could find a pair of shoes to match, one wandered over to the shoe department. Oddly enough this season it would seem putty and khaki are the in colours judging by the wealth of choices.

Trying on a few of them one discovered that there are two types of shoes at the moment. Those one can wear and those the ankle hates. That former category is of course comfortable if not very stylish. Vacillating between need and want one realised that He would hate them and as it was the first shoes to be bought for pleasure in nearly a year one decided to err on the side of smart. The trouble is most of the shoes this season are ugly... and knowing He would hate all of them one meandered out back into the centre.

Django & Juliette Glorify
That exit just happens to go past a favourite shoe store and wandering in one was immediately mugged by these. Wrapping soft suede arms around one's heart, they whispered seductive words into one's ear... and were taken up on the offer immediately. Have no idea what they are going with, but since when has that ever stopped a shoephile. Not a word from the peanut gallery about the colour... OK?

Mooching along further one did actually find an impossibility... shoes in the exact shade of turquoise as the dress. Of course the ankle hates them, but as He says it's just a matter of persistence... rolls eyes of course he would, he's not the one hoicked up in them. Nevertheless they are perfect and no doubt the ankle will get over its snit eventually. Though at the moment walking any further than from the curb to the coffee means He is going to have to carry one... preferably not slung over his shoulder in a fireman's lift L

Further progression led one to a rather nice slinky, stretchy dress in khaki and cream... you know one suspects that one may have to go back out and find the perfect khaki shoes after all...
The shoephile lives!


Unknown said...

OOOoooo *drools* Now you have to get a dress to go with the purple ones *beams*

As a fellow shoephile, I applaud your choices.

Storm said...

Not a word...

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