Monday, October 17, 2011

And today...

Well one of us should have been in bed; of course that was not how life ended up. More's the pity too 'cos it was wet and miserable and cold and grey and blowing a howling gale... which the sinus infection was just lapping up. So of course we spent the morning scampering around trying to find a piece of wood that was just the right size for wall mounting backdrops. A move necessitated by the fact that one end projected out 12cms further than the other one due to an inconvenient support column.

Thank heavens for old fashioned lumber yards that will cut to measure and not laugh too loudly when you say well it needs to be this long... indicated with two hands held roughly at the right distance. It will be a very great shame when the likes of the big chain stores put them out of business... which they will. Unfortunately in the big chains everything is stock standard and old houses are not built to stock standard measurements... particularly if they were built by a builder's crew on their down time. Not so much as a window in this place is the same size or shape... and yet it all comes together in a whimsical way that makes it perfect for a family home.

So why where we running around in that weather, you may be wondering? Ah well He had a friend coming to play builder's mate... and frankly one small slave, while able to donate the use of the power tools, was too sick to do the actual work. So it was a case of it had to be done today and He needed the credit card attached to the aforementioned slave. Mind you it was very nice after all of the scampering around to curl up on the bed and quietly cough up a lung or two and sneeze non-stop, while the sound of power tools being operated by someone else droned on. Though for the record hammer drills in brick can hardly be described as soothing...

Of course like all jobs it took longer than expected and cost way more than first thought. And there was the odd moment, when sticking the nose around the door, one caught sight of so many health and safety protocols being broken that it made one twitch in horror... before fleeing back to bed. What is it about power tools that turn perfectly bright men into creatures of no fear... or common sense? But the job is finished and one small slave is damn grateful for not having to do it.
Eventually the sight of spade bits being used near bare feet, which were holding the piece of wood in place, will fade from the memory... right?

We even managed to cram a little oral and vanilla sex in at the end of the day... well until the lack of oxygen interrupted play L

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But passing out is supposed to be fun?