Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The weeks riddle

Why is that one can't get into a high heel, but the ankle will allow one to stand in these without a wobble? Mind you one is too scared to walk in them for fear of falling and committing grievous bodily harm. And one did point out that it would be much cheaper to buy hobbles or use the wonderful leg irons that a certain someone sent us.
Or better still to drop the lead reign like you do with a well trained horse...

He says these are sexier L


Vixen4770 said...

because the wider heel gives you a more stable surface and more to walk on than a regular stilleto.

lil said...

Omg those are gorgeous. I couldn't take one single step in them, but I wish I could lol.

And here I came by thinking "oh goody, a riddle!(hopefully with an answer provided)" lol.

Master's piece said...

"hopefully with an answer provided"

Now that's just lazy :D

littlemonkey said...



*more drool*