Sunday, October 30, 2011

Virgin arse

His attention snapped back tonight... as one predicted it would. And just as one predicted it hurt. Don't get one wrong He was gentle... the idea wasn't to cause damage that would take a week to heal after all. It still hurt, even though He didn't try to get all the way in.

All He did was put in the first few inches, in a very slow, controlled way and fuck one in the same manner. Anyone listening would have probably giggled... in, squeak, out, sigh of relief, in... Oh and after He came in the same controlled manner and one had said thank you Master, there might have been a fervent promise...
The butt plug is going back in ASAP.
He snickered.



lunaKM said...

Heh, anal is a progression. Hell, I never thought I'd be as far as I am. Today I got THIS in my ass all the way. :)

Unknown said...