Thursday, October 20, 2011

Petty and vindictive

It was a lovely evening. Home before 7.30 due to a roster screw up, showered and nibbling dinner when He got up unexpectedly early... which is always a treat... at about 9.00 pm. It was potential bliss. Well it would have been except for one small thing. Getting up to rinse off the plate, the water slowed and then stopped altogether.

Wandering down to His mother's end one asked if there had been a notice for them turning off the water yet again. To which she chirpily replied no, but there is one for next week. Well you have no water. Are you sure? Flipping the tap nothing came out. Yup, think we can say you have no water.

Phoning the council up it turned out there was indeed no water... until the morning. They had the gall to ask if we were sure we didn't get a notification. No, we lied about it so we could have the pleasure of a late night chat with your very helpful self... rolls eyes. And they have the cheek to describe themselves as a service.

See the issue for us was Him. Having just gotten up He had a dancing vision of a shower, washing his hair... you know morning ritualistic behaviour. What He got was hair washed over a tub with a jug and a strip wash, using bottled water. None of which made Him very happy... though one did get to discover that his shoulders have even less reach than his hamstrings. That might come in useful in the future... J

Now rather than being grateful that one of us keeps bottled water on hand and was happy to wash His hair, being a twoo Scorpio the whole incident was regarded in terms of loss. And as with all things that make you unhappy, He brooded and plotted revenge on the only available target....
As one lay, clean and pristine upon the bed, He wandered in. Slipping a hand under the covers He grabbed one firmly by the leg and said...
Is this where I cum all over you... there is no way for you to get clean. I could even do it in your hair...

That is just mean. Can't believe you have cleanliness envy. In fact if you do that one may have to blog about it and it won't put you in a favourable light at all. You will come across as the mean, petty person you complain that one makes you seem. Yes, but your readers will laugh He replied.

Soap-dodging bastard!