Monday, October 3, 2011

At the end of the day

Most of today was spent lugging heavy stock and restocking the new store. The combined noise of radios, workmen, installers and the continual ringing of phones... all of which had rings that would wake the dead... made it deafening at times. All of this was without the benefit of air-conditioning of course... 'cos that would have made it pleasant. Needless to say it was a hot, noisy, dirty ten hours L

Mind you He did drop by bearing a drink and a cookie... he figured it was the only way he was going to see one. And when it was all over for the day, one very graciously took Him out to dinner by way of apology. Well that and starvation, and being so beyond cooking that it was the only way we were going to get fed. So off we toddled for sushi.

Now sushi is done a little differently here from many other places. Here the easiest way to get sushi is via a "Sushi Train". An island is formed by the kitchen and all around the perimeter is a counter with stools, so you can sit and watch the sushi being prepared. A train runs along the counter pulling little wagons loaded up with dishes and you just grab what you want off it. Of course if what you want isn't on it you can order from the staff... but generally it is more fun to see what is coming past.

So after stuffing ourselves while gossiping, we scampered across the road to the sex shop that we have visited for years. The shop is a very well stocked one with a constantly changing inventory, so there is always something new to look at. It is also a great place to visit if you like costumes and they keep a good range of sizes if you are anything bigger than a small... which is all some seem to keep.

As to what followed us home... well there might have been a couple of new toys and a rather nice school uniform. All one needs to do is find the little white cotton panties that are loitering in the cupboard somewhere. He does so like a naughty girl to spank... not that one is very good at being well behaved. Actually it is a miracle that one doesn't spend more time with a red arse... 

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