Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Testing, one, two, three

Today we tested the Tango for waterproof capabilities... well you have to try these things don't you J While showering it was handed through the door with a verbal command encouragement to try it out. To be honest it is excellent for that situation as it isn't too heavy or large. So leaning against the shower tiles, one spread the lips apart to give Him a good view while applying it to the clit.

Realising that the position was precarious, He kindly turned one around and added bracing by shoving his dick in one's arse. That was ever so thoughtful of Him. It was interesting to note that some stimulation will make the arse open up wonderfully, and this toy works as well as the Hitachi for that purpose. Unfortunately one didn't stand a chance against the dual onslaught of the Tango and Him, and we came together in a shuddering orgasm. After which one was manoeuvred out of the water and deposited outside the shower... again somewhat dirtier than before.

Scampering back to the bedroom one flung the towel on the bed and tried some of the other modes. There is a great one that buzzes along merrily and stops just as it is getting interesting, before starting up again just as you are starting to contemplate turning it up. It's like being teased by an expert. And that was how He found one... legs spread, still wet and whimpering on the inside.

He added the magnetic nipple clamps 'cos he thought they would coordinate nicely. Those sorts of things are important during sex... rolls eyes. And just as one was thoughtfully offering Him a hole of choice... OK begging to be fucked... He flipped one over and slid into the arse up to his balls in one quick motion. The arse was super relaxed and compliant, allowing Him to briskly fuck one into a series of screaming orgasms before he came to a juddering, groaning halt.
Honestly the neighbours must wonder what the hell is going on in our house sometimes J

So yes... tried and tested... and so worth the money.

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