Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A day in the life of...

The other week ancilla_ksst wrote about her day... and frankly it was exhausting just reading it J
It did however, make one think that it might be a fun meme to pass around... A day in the life of...

So here is what a typical Wednesday looks like round here

6 am The alarm goes off with unrelenting urgency and an escalation of sound, as fingers frantically fumble around searching for the bloody off switch
6.05 One small and bleary eyed slave shuffles out in the general direction of coffee
6.12 Finds one small (and still bleary) slave sipping coffee and proof reading the days blog post... it does nothing towards improving grammatical errors, but it does give time for the eyes to stop trying to squeeze out the bright morning light... before posting it
6.30 Breakfast of sausages, eggs and toast is under way while one rips apart and rinses off the four lettuces that will make up the basis of an assortment of salads over the coming days, clean off a packet bean sprouts and make a packed lunch for one
7 am Breakfast is served followed by cleaning up the kitchen before jumping in the shower and getting dressed for work
7.45 Evacuate the premises to go to work, putting on makeup as He drives along
8.30 Start work which is interspersed with lunch and two snacks until the finish of the day at 5.30 and wait for the bus
6.45 pm Arrive home, haul off the uniform and heat up some chicken saag and vegetables for dinner before changing into gym gear
7.30 Hit the gym for an hour of weights followed by a quick 10 minute run
840 Run home narrowly missing yet another bloody shower
8 45 Haul off the wet gym gear and scarf down a couple of passion fruit, some low fat cheese and some spicy chorizo as it is being cooked ready for His breakfast while flicking through Fet
9 pm Put a load of dishes in to soak while having a shower before doing them
930 Make Him breakfast and pack his lunch before cleaning up the kitchen once more
10.30 Feed the cat who can no longer be ignored as it tries to rip down the back door and totter off to bed

Tomorrow will look depressingly similar except it will start with coffee before running at 6.30 am until 7.00 and coming home to cook breakfast for one and wash, rinse, repeat... without the weights at night... which will leave more time for cooking food

It's completely glamorous isn't it? J


ancilla_ksst said...

Wait, where is the being chained in the corner for hours and stuff? Fantasies dashed...

Master's piece said...

Christ who has time for that malarky... though it does sound very relaxing...
Is He doing it wrong again?
Please say yes :D

ancilla_ksst said...

I thought it sounded relaxing too, especially if there is a good book involved. And some coffee.