Sunday, March 10, 2013

Highlights and lowlights

You are a mean, mean man one levelled at Him over breakfast.
And vengeful... don't forget vengeful He added helpfully.
That went without saying... utterly unnecessary to even mention it
Oh I have the perfect t-shirt for you He said, still radiating helpfulness. It's one of those fundamentalist ones...
My God is a vengeful God!
Is one small slave alone in thinking that an atheist describing himself as a god is somewhat disturbing?

Later, when He came to pick one up from work, one of the work colleagues stopped him in his tracks and said there is something different about you. What is it? Have you lost weight?
Now the colleague is one of those people who rarely stops to notice anyone or anything else unless it's in her way, so for her to even have noticed anything means the change must have been pretty dramatic.
Yes I have lost weight He replied. As though getting accosted in this manner is perfectly normal... actually thinking about it for him it is these days.
Fabulous she said and went on to ask Him what he had been doing as one drifted away off into the background
Bitch hasn't noticed or asked if one has lost any weight... in fact virtually no one at work seems to have noticed. Mutters damn the work uniform must be unflattering...

Later as the migraine cranked it up another notch, dancing around the medication to do so, the desire for food with flavour intensified to a scratching, burning need. He very kindly took one to KFC for some illicit spicy chicken. Oh the chicken is fine... it's that spicy coating with its lethal dose of carbs and fat that is forboden. There was only one catch... that denim belt skirt needed to be worn.

So let's see...
The skirt is...
Only for round the house
Only for round the house and a few readers
Only for round the house and a few readers and for car rides
Do we see something of a progression here people?
And you thought one small slave exaggerated about Him being like the tide K


Anonymous said...

Classic, and time tested conditioning techniques, using food as reward.

Next thing you know you'll be happily toddling off to your favorite restaurant in the belt, uh, I mean skirt, exposed cleavage, and some thigh high boots.

Master's piece said...

OMG you know one accused Him of using sex, as we drove along, to improve the feelings about the belt... completely overlooked the food aspect. Glowers in His direction

ancilla_ksst said...


Sorry. Karma will come for me eventually, though, and then you will be laughing at me again. :)