Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another downside

He came in as one lay there with an upturned arse... quietly plucking eyebrows and minding one's own business... and straddling one small slave with those long, lean legs He snuggled up as close as he could get. There seemed to be a lot more air between us than there used to be. Sighing contentedly one snuggled up against Him. That was, as it turned out, a bad move...

Sensing his prey was relaxed He sat upright, pinning one against the bed with those legs...
To deliver a couple of those double handed spanks on ones upturned derrière, with enough force to raise a shriek of protest from His victim.
Dammit those hurt a lot more since losing weight
Really He said, sounding surprised

Down the hands came again... crack, crack
Owww one squawked in protest while squirming around... heh can do that now His legs have got thinner... to confront the abuser. You are a mean, mean man one levelled at Him in aggrieved tone.
Really? I was just making sure He said, sounding completely innocent

Mutters it hurt the first couple of times... it didn't need a repeat in the name of science L


JustAnotherSub said...

"For science" is a phrase I'm all too familiar with. And there really is no winning against it unfortunately.

Master's piece said...

Horrible things have been done in the name of science :(