Friday, March 22, 2013


The last few weeks have been chaotic with shift changes at work, having to spend more time and money than we had replacing our wardrobes... well two or three times in His case... and all of it conspiring to ensure that we were never home for more than a couple of hours. Hopefully that has come to an end and we will settle back into more familiar territory. That is to say having the sex that we prefer... with the odd pics to prove it.

Now why is one putting this out in the universe you may be wondering... given that the universe has a rather perverse sense of humour and that this is just tantamount to asking for it?
You know that wonderful state when you look at the calendar and it is empty... sort of... and full of wild possibilities...
Well one wishes to have a reminder of how that moment felt, before having large objects shoved in one's arse ruins all the optimism J

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ancilla_ksst said...

Don't worry, you will get yours in the end. :) I'm so bad.