Sunday, March 31, 2013

Well it had to happen

After putting it off for a long as possible one finally bit the bullet and went through the bras. After the cull there are now exactly three bras that fit and one that sort of does... providing you squint just right. There is a shelf full of corsets, both the lingerie and the more exotic lace up kind, that one is frankly too scared to even try on.
This is heart breaking... not to mention devastating to the wallet. There are bras in a bag that have been worn once, never worn but are without tags and brand new with tags. Thousands of dollars worth... all too big L
The body moved from a 38F to a 36FF and then to a 36F before settling on a 36E... right after one had just forked out for the 36Fs. Unfortunately, loath though one is to spend more money, the breasts are still too big to be allowed to roam around in an ill fitting bra. So out came the wallet again...

As it turned out we had to get Him some new work pants 'cos the new work shirts have finally arrived. He no longer looks like a pirate, but the work pants had taken on clownish proportions. As we were scampering past Simone Perele a bra caught our eye. Now one small slave hasn't darkened their door for a long while. Although they do up to a G (an Australian F) cup they are notoriously thin strapped and only have two hooks and eyes on the back. They just don't give enough support and sometimes looking fabulous is just not enough... well not at their prices

Standing there transfixed like a bunny in headlights... there was a small and very unladylike trail of drool creeping along the chin... one made inarticulate gargling noises
He bent down and said go and see if they have it in your size...
Don't wanna spend that much money on a bra that might not last more than a few weeks
They might not even have it in your size He countered in a perfectly reasonable tone
Well it is very pretty...
Go and see He whispered
And so one meandered into the shop and all was lost

Shhh... if you listen very quietly you can hear small whimpering sounds and it's not one small slave.

The bra while a good fit was too big around the back so it has been sent to Melbourne for alterations. Oh there will be pics. That bra makes the breasts look... spectacular J


ancilla_ksst said...

Waiting with bated breath...

bloopet said...

You're doing great, keep at it!

My posting here should not in anyway be seen as "I'm just here for the bra pics". Oh no, not at all.