Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chicken fetching

Oddly enough this is not some new fetish, though it did come up in connection with our lives. That virus that kicked off the beginning of the week came back... well tried to, but the aggressive amounts of Vit C and Zinc seemed to put it on the back foot. It has however, left one with very difficult taste buds... one's that can't face the thought of red meat and still want flavour, but don't know what they fancy, but still have a long list of things that are yuck... You are getting the idea.

So it has been a week of very bad dining on foods that normally would rarely darken the doors. See it is an odd fact, but the body has no issues with eating things when sick, that would generally make one utterly sick if eaten under normal circumstances. Anyway coming home this evening one found Him at the computer, looking very bleary and rough around the edges. It seemed that his body had decided that five hours sleep was all He needed. He was not of the same opinion... Before tackling that issue though, He offered to take one up the road for some chicken.

Looking at Him with deep suspicion one wondered what the catch was
Smiling sweetly... well it was more of a leer... He said, just put on the chicken fetching skirt
Chicken fetching skirt?
Well it raises a lot of cock

You know it is bad enough that He thinks that denim skirt... oh who are we kidding, it's a belt... is suitable attire, but the jokes?
Mutters there are so many things that would be hard limits if one was in charge... that sense of humour would be the first thing on the list


ancilla_ksst said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean.

Master's piece said...

Honestly they do all get the same sense of humour with their bloody decoder ring don't they :(

ancilla_ksst said...

I wouldn't like him nearly as much without his sense of humor, but sometimes it gets a bit much.