Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So unfair

You know there really is nothing worse... well there may be, but on this particular morning there wasn't... than stumbling to the computer, clutching coffee and finding things like this on the screen. As a rule one is sort of exempt from a lot of these sorts of toys due to that pesky latex allergy and the fact that most of them are too big to fit. This one seems to overcome most of those issues

Sighs why can't those creative types be a little less... well... creative L


Anonymous said...

LOL hope you enjoy

Master's piece said...

Wonders why so many seem to get so much joy out of bus tossing

c said...

I developed an allergy to latex a few years ago, and it is pesky. We had to throw out most of our toys, and all the cool ones I want to buy instead are too expensive.

Also, once when I told a doctor I was allergic to latex she asked how it had developed. I muttered "well... sex...." and she answered "Ah, condoms you mean?". I didn't answer "no by wearing a very big buttplug for hours" and just nodded. They don't need to know everything.