Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sun, sand, sweat and sunburn

Waking up later than normal one tottered to the computer bearing mouse and sat there drinking it peacefully. He was not home yet needless to say. The plan had been to go for a run before He got home, but really it was too late. At least that was what one thought... the body had other ideas.

The peace turned to a listless sort of energy and before one knew it, gym gear was being hauled on along with trainers and off one small slave trotted to the gym to squeeze in that run. It was a small and dripping slave that waited to greet HIm at the door. In fact there was a rivulet of sweat that was quietly dripping off the tailbone... ugh! To be honest all one was mindful of, as one knelt there naked and waiting, was getting His shoes off and getting to a shower. Bad, bad slave... again

He came home and suggested we walk down to breakfast at the waterfront and poke around the markets...
The man is an instinctual sadist L
So off we trotted in the cool, grey light that threatened rain... again. Mind you one of us did suggest we take our bus passes just in case it did turn nasty... which as it turned out was somewhat prophetic.

That overcast day parted as we hit the corner to reveal scorching sun and heat that beat down on us and enveloped us as we scampered along. In fact our t-shirts were soon plastered to our bodies and we were wishing heartily that we weren't wearing jeans. But the lure of breakfast drove us on... well that and the fact that there wasn't a bus due to take us home for another hour. So onwards we trotted, hot, sticky and cursing the change of weather, until we reached the coffee precinct.

It was an area that turned out to be a seething mass of people and their small dogs. You know one has mentioned in the past that one doesn't understand why people insist on bringing their dogs into heavy foot trafficked areas like markets and today it was no clearer
They love their dogs He said.
Is that why they torture them like this?
No, it's why they want to include them in their day.
Apparently He had read an interesting study on dogs and why they have achieved such a successful level of domestication with humans. It seems when a dog looks you in the eyes that it triggers the same emotional response as when you fall in love. People literally fall in love with their pooches.
Well that certainly explains their almost stupid behaviour... and bestiality. It certainly doesn't help dodging the small yappy things as one is trying to get through a cafe door L

As it turned out the dogs were trying to warn one small slave that the food, while generous, was largely indifferent... not to mention expensive. Maybe one should learn to speak dog... though the fact that it was the only cafe with spare tables and chairs should have been warning enough. In our defence though, by that time all we wanted was the sanctuary from the sun that the cool darkness of their interior offered.
Even though it was too late by then... the sunburn that one acquired during the walk will last for weeks.
Oh well, at least we had bus passes to get home with...


Malcolm said...

It's true, I'm in love with my dog because she looks at me with no ulterior motive. She just loves me. Unlike the girl in the market, who might well have an ulterior motive.

Anonymous said...

Sunburn, you say? That will need a good spanking, directly on the sunburnt area, for science, you know?

Master's piece said...

@nzrubber Stop. helping!

ancilla_ksst said...

I'll trade you my 4 feet deep snow drifts for your sunburn! Straight up.

I adore my pups, but I know they don't like hot crowded downtown areas so I don't take them.

Master's piece said...

@ancilla_ksst But your snow looks so pretty in your pics :D