Friday, March 15, 2013

Status update

It's not ours, but our vanillas. They have taken the healthy life to a new level...
They have quit smoking
Are up at 6 am exercising
And are pulling clothes out of the back of the wardrobe
His cholesterol has dropped to single digits
The snoring that was wrecking their lives... well the sleeping together part of it... has stopped
The caffeine has almost been eliminated from their lives

OK now we have known them for... what... going on five years? See one doesn't just forget our anniversary... it's quite across the board. In that time they have been inclined towards endless cups of tea, cola, cigarettes and they have been strictly nocturnal in their leanings.
We are starting to wonder who they are...
Their children must be terrified

He, of course, just smirks like a proud parent. Like a lot of people who enjoys... adjusting people... he can be... well he doesn't really care if its friends or loved ones'. In the real world there are ethics committees to protect people from people like Him. Round here we are on our own. Sometimes He uses his powers for good, sometimes he uses it for... well adjusting hem lengths
Oddly enough they seem to be far more grateful than one small slave  K

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