Friday, March 29, 2013

Not such a Good Friday

He came home and we scampered around getting into gym gear before trotting off to the gym for a run. Well one of us ran while the other slogged up an imaginary hill... rather a steep one judging by the sweat forming on His brow. After torturing ourselves we returned home with dancing visions of a good breakfast, a leisurely shower, wild kinky sex and maybe a snooze. Sighs really we should know better 'cos life just isn't happy unless it is tossing some random spanner in the works.

In this case the spanner took the form of no power and weather creeping towards 30 (86 F) degrees. It seems Mother Nature didn't get the memo that it is autumn and is trying for a very long summer instead. So we sat there for a few minutes before snuffling around in the fridge for anything that could be eaten without heat. It was a very short list... He got the last of the ham while one small slave foraged in His mother's fridge for the fish cakes that she had offered as we left the house. Sighs in that dancing vision they were topped with fried, runny eggs... oh well at least it was food.

Well one declared, at least we can shower.
Not for too long He admonished. If this power doesn't come back on soon I'll need hot water for another when I wake up... make sure you don't drain the tank.
You know that man has a talent for sucking all vestiges of joy out of things. It's like a natural talent... all effortless grace L

Getting out of the shower one realised that the body was starving. The fish cakes while yummy... she does them with a curry mixture in the fish... were more than a little deficient in protein. And there was a singular lack of caffeine too...
In a flash of inspiration one remembered that our corner store can make coffee and their signs had been on when we passed them on the way home... so they must have had power. So off one scampered in the pursuit of coffee to help take the mind off the stomach that was screaming for food... sometimes even on small slave can't face a protein bar that early in the day.

It was a happy woman that returned triumphantly through the door bearing liquid gold. To find that the power had not been mysteriously turned back on and everything was heating up in a very unpleasant manner.
We sat there eyeing each other off...
Well I'm going to bed He announced. Are you going to come and join me?
Meh suppose there is nothing else to do...
Well that's lovely He said affecting an injured tone... which we both knew was bogus. That man wouldn't turn down sex, no matter how indifferently it was offered J

So we were lying in bed cuddled up next to each other masturbating... it was too hot to attempt anything more creative... when suddenly He stopped. Grasping a breast in each hand He applied a vice like grip on each nipple and pulled
Yes He said, as though he was actually interested in what one had to say
And honestly what one was going to say was that hurts. At least that was what was going through the mind. Of course what came out of the mouth was a sigh... well more of a whimpering sob.

It was at that moment that He leant in even closer and said cum for me
And the stupid, treacherous body did
He didn't stop there...
In fact He applied more pressure and said keep cumming
For the first time in its life the body obeyed quite independently of its free will. To the point that one actually said OK can you make it stop now?
He laughed and said right after you have climbed on my dick and made me cum

Mutters you know one can't help but feel that one might have been conned with that last manoeuvre 


ancilla_ksst said...

Hmmm, it doesn't sound THAT bad.

Master's piece said...

But, but... there was no cooked breakfast. Nothing good ever comes from that as a beginning :(

ancilla_ksst said...

That is true, hot breakfast makes for a better day all around.