Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A twoo master

Waltzing through the door with dancing visions of food... and something for the headache that the bus ride home had not mysteriously fixed... one small slave contemplated the evening ahead with the quiet pleasure of someone who has plans. Of course He changed all of that by sliding open the heavy glass door and appearing like an apparition in the midst of those visions.
Were you lying in wait?
Sort of. I can't sleep He said, looking grim and chirpily awake at the same time.
Now when you work nights and can't sleep it is a problem 'cos your chances of making it through the night in one piece are decreased... if you don't end up falling asleep on the job, you can end up falling asleep at the wheel
Well perhaps you had better call in sick and see if they can get a replacement
He stood there a minute contemplating being responsible against being smart before tottering off to make a call and settle in to play hooky

How does He always do that? It's like a preternatural talent, rather like the cat always knows which part of the paper you are reading and sits right on that spot.  People often ask what makes a Master. Well one is here to tell you it's that talent for smelling plans and shoving a large spanner in them... with an effortless grace L

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