Monday, April 29, 2013

Another geek out

Well it was a day of doing nothing we liked in favour of doing stuff that needed to be done. Those days just suck for the record. Anyway He made plans to go over to our vanillas in an endeavour to salvage something of the day. So off we scampered with Him clutching his newest possession... Star Trek Expeditions the board game.

Now as many of you know one has an extreme aversion to playing games... of any sort. In fact one did enquire gently as to why we couldn't just go over for coffee and a chat like normal people. To which He replied that competitive behaviour was normal... it's what got our ancestors out of their caves. Sighs hate it when He might have a logical basis to his defence L

Anyway it was with quiet determination that He set up the game with only his mini-me looking thrilled. And one suspects that was because he was sitting there playing with the Enterprise and the Klingon Battle Cruiser...
Yes that's right, the game is HeoClix based so there are toys miniatures.
So we began our three pronged campaign to get Nibia to join the federation...

We actually had a good time... and no one was more surprised than oneself. The creator managed to capture that feeling of this is a nice simple mission that goes to hell in a hand basket... with Kirk there ready to take off his shirt with little provocation be diplomatic when needed. It is a cooperative board game rather like Pandemic, but with HeroClix features thrown in. The game can be played with 1-4 players and there is an expansion pack on order.

Mutters and while one is loath to admit this... it was actually a good night J

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sinister_ali said...

i wish mine played more games with me but i cant complain, he snail hunts with me in the summer. :)