Thursday, April 11, 2013


Today one small slave became that gym member. Some of you have seen that member... the one who goes to the gym twice, in the same day. Now there were legitimate reasons... a bad headache had left one unable to do weights on Wednesday night and they couldn't be done on Friday 'cos they were going to be done again on Saturday. And there was enough time to squeeze them in this evening 'cos the running had been done early in the morning. All of these assorted justifications aside...

Going to the gym twice in one day is an obvious cry for help
Never in all the years of exercise has one fronted up for a double workout. Only the insanely dedicated over trainer goes twice in one day
It is time to stage an intervention L


Turfdawg82 said...

Don't feel bad, I too have done the AM/PM gym in the same day. Do i feel a little weird doing it? Yes, but my masochistic tendencies and love of endorphins sprinkled with a touch if narcissism justify it In my mind. Then again I could be bat shit crazy. Sigh... This is this.

ancilla_ksst said...

Nope not me! I did my yoga at home today, surrounded by really unhelpful furry friends that try to lick me and bat my arm with their paws for attention when I'm trying to balance.

Master's piece said...

@Turfdawg82 Yes, but your crazy seems to be paying off :D

@ancilla_ksst Now that would be worth watching :D