Sunday, April 14, 2013

Into the flood

It was Sunday so off we scampered to our vanillas for the day. It was ostensibly to go roll playing, but to be honest it didn't get that far. In some ways it is His fault... and partly because she had a roaring ear infection, which having had the odd one, does send you slightly insane. Though that temporary insanity does account for what happened next...

We're going to see They Might Be Giants He announced, casually chumming the waters with an expert hand.
They perked with interest, being fans of them, but didn't bite quite as expected as they are a bit broke at the moment.
They are playing Flood in its entirety He said, tipping the remains of the bait bucket over the side.
She looked at her partner.
What do you want me to do he asked, looking torn.
I want you to say that we are transferring the money out of our savings account onto the credit card she replied
There was a sudden flurry of movement as money transfers and online ticket purchases were done.

It seems Flood was her favourite album and oddly enough the concert He saw in 1990, when it was released. That of course led to discussions about how many cars to take, who they were going to con into babysitting, where we were going to eat, what food we needed to have at their place for our return and where one was going to snooze. That last one is 'cos we figure us two girls will slope off to bed, while they stay up all night talking about RPGs and playing Xbox together.

The discussion finally turned to the game we were supposed to be playing, only to discover that he had put the books somewhere and couldn't find them. That was fine 'cos she was as sick as a dog by that stage and one has an almost legendary disinclination towards playing in the first place...
So here we are; off to see our first live performance together as couples.

Not quite what people think about when imagining what a BDSM relationship looks like...
And we still hadn't resolved the important question of what to wear...
'Cos it is more than possible that His mini-me will open the door wearing the same t-shirt as Him, which will take our friendship to a new and awkward plane K

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