Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The better part of masochism

It is probably no big surprise to the regular readers here that pain is not really one's thing. Well certain types of pain aren't. You will never come here and be confronted with bleeding body parts... actually that isn't quite true, a lot of those bruises on here are just that... but you won't find blood gushing out of open wounds. In fact one would go as far as saying that one small slave is the world's lousiest masochist... ever.

However, as one sits here with a cup of tea, an illicit granny smith apple and some rather good blue vein cheese... King Island Roaring 40s (for those so inclined)... it has started to come to one's attention that there are muscle groups at the moment that are not cooperating as fully as they could. In fact they are sending very strong messages of pain, to any brain receptor that will receive them. Actually the bicep is taking extreme issue with the whole act of raising the tea to the lips and the shoulders are backing up their complaint. And that level of pain is pretty much constant and ever present... it just changes location.

All of this leads one to wonder if the masochism one is equipped with is highly specialised. It is quite happy to support muscles being ripped apart to regrow... in fact the body is flooded with happy endorphins as one types... but it draws the line at gratuitous pain inflicted by others... glares at a certain someone.
In fact it screams red at the slightest provocation.
Now if one could just get Him to hear it...
We could live in a world without a wall covered in ouchie slappy things...
What a wonderful world it would be J

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ancilla_ksst said...

Funny! I'm just the opposite. A stiff neck and sore muscles I can do without, but a beaten and bruised butt- now that is living!