Monday, April 8, 2013


Running home from the gym, just ahead of the rain... you know sometimes paranoid people are right, something is out to get them... one burst through the door feeling as high as a kite.
Where's dinner, bitch?
Peering across His desk, in that tone he reserves for one small slave when she has obviously lost her mind, He replied up the road
Realising dinner was not going to be more forthcoming than that, one turned on the oven to make dinner
Actually I wouldn't mind a hamburger He said, just as one started to take out ingredients

Now we haven't had a hamburger since August and right at that point, having done heavy weights, frankly one would have eaten the cow and chased the next one down. Besides it was a free day so what the hell. So off one scampered to the shower for a quick sluice off. Tossing on that damn skirt... and after pointing out to HIm that the positive reinforcements of food were not making one any more inclined to becoming desensitised to the air whistling around one's arse when wearing it... off we set.

We got to one of the local burger joints to find a drive thru queue stretching back way further than anticipated for a wet Monday night. Sighing with resignation we waited, for an indecent amount of time for fast food. Finally clutching our bag we made the run home to try our first hamburger in eight months.
And oh gods was it vile... mushy, tasteless, lukewarm... ugh!
It was roughly 800 calories of crap that left us feeling less than satisfied. 

That's the last time He is going to be in charge of making dinner... 
Honestly the body is a temple and He treats it like the sacred prostitute. Though that confusion might account for what happened later...


ancilla_ksst said...

And, and, and....!!!!
The second half of your story is missing.

Master's piece said...

Oh where's the fun in that. This way you can use your fertile imagination to fill in the story :D

ancilla_ksst said...

Ok, but I'm warning you my imagination is very naughty.