Saturday, April 27, 2013

How low will you go?

We were chatting about goals on this diet and where we want to be. Actually what He said was, are you sure you don't want to shoot for a size 8 (about an American 4). Of course what part of the brain... the largely irrational part of the brain might one add... heard was, you still need to lose weight. Now it is irrational because one knows He loves the way one looks at any size. He just isn't the kind of person who has strong preferences about size.

Why the irrational part of the brain got loose was that personally one doesn't like body fat on oneself. There was a reason why in the mid twenties one was wearing girls clothes... apart from that not really eating thing.  And frankly even now, when looking in the mirror, all one can see is fat... rather like when one was twentysomething. Mild body dysmorphia is a strange thing and frankly one isn't convinced that most body sculptors and builders don't have it to some degree. Why else would you spend so much time in the pursuit of physical perfection... 'cos gods know it ain't the food or the taste of the supplements L

Of course all of this slightly irrational thinking, lives jammed up against the reality that one actually likes being curvy and prefers sexual partners with a bit of padding. There is nothing less sexy than sharp little bones poking into you at unexpected times... or in unexpected places. Well that and partners who can get into your clothes...
Meh human beings... rational creatures we ain't K

Anyway this brief burst of insanity was caused by the discussion about goals. See when one embarked on this it was to be supportive to Him in his endeavours towards wellness. To be honest one really didn't think one would lose all that much weight. At best one thought it would clean up the diet and help maintain the weight. Though one did say it would be nice to hit about 25% body fat, which would put one in the athletic range at one's age... hey you need to shoot for the moon.

Historically one has failed all diets and actually gained weight on some. That's what PCOS does... messes with your metabolism. Now the experts all say that low carb diets work best with PCOS. What they seem to have neglected to mention was that for some not all low carb diets are equal. It would seem that in the past they simply hadn't been low carb enough... cos this is working. In fact the weight has peeled off slowly and steadily.

To the point that one is now facing some serious choices about how far one wants to take this. First goal weight was getting in those size 12s that were just given away. Second goal weight is getting into the new size 10s with a bit of room to spare... so about two or three more kilos.
Size 8 huh?
Perhaps it is time to get another fat test...
Before the insanity gets completely out of hand L


Anonymous said...

congrats on reaching your goals

Sarah said...

If you get to a size 8, you'll blow away with a stiff breeze!

Master's piece said...

@Tiffany Thank you

@Sarah LOL don't think there is too much danger of that. To be honest with all the muscle one weighs in way heavier than most women. But one could end up too sinewy looking for aesthetics, which one would like to avoid.

ancilla_ksst said...

The first time around with the low carb diet I kept meeting my goal and then moving it lower. The only thing that stopped me is that I got pregnant and went back to eating any damn thing I wanted. I got giant again in no time. :(

The second and third times around trying to be on this diet it has been more difficult to stick to.

Master's piece said...

To be honest there is going to be no getting off this diet round here. The idea is to add in things like more fruit and vegetables until a balance in weight is maintained. We intend to carry on with a clean eating progrmame for life. Neither of us want to have to do this again... ever. Mainly because we figure, as you have found, that it gets harder every time you have to do it :(

ancilla_ksst said...

I'm not sure I could find the will to go on living if I thought I'd never taste another donut or cinnamon roll. So those just become "special occasion" foods for me.

Master's piece said...

See we periodically try those sorts of foods on our free day and usually they taste so pulpy, doughy and horrid that we have no desire to eat them again. White food generally is just yucky. Though there is the odd treat food that still tastes OK, like the ice-cream that we tried last night. That still tasted good, but the cheese cake we tried last week was just meh... something of a shame 'cos that company makes very good cheese cake :(