Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A path of discovery

One of the many strange things about this weight loss, mainly because a strip down diet largely targets fat deposits, is the strange places one finds on the body. Like the deep groves that form in the crook of the elbow when the arm loses more weight. They sort of smooth over and vanish after a couple of days. Until next time... and then back they come. 

There is a groove appearing along the thigh that has never been there before. Even at twenty kg lighter it was never there. And sharp pointy elbows... never had those before either. Oh and the beginnings of bony knees... they are something of a surprise.
Probably will be to Him too when he runs into those one dark night...

That brings us to Him... and his nasty cold hands. See He has always been delightfully warm... something of a human hot water bottle. Not that one was actually allowed to use Him like that. In fact there is a strict no cold feet rule which just sucks. Since the weight loss however, He feels the cold. In fact His rather prodigious collections of jackets, which one thought something of an affectation in this climate, are going to be essential this winter.

Meantime there are those cold hands. Freezing cold hands that He keeps planting all over one's warm flesh making nipples ache, the clit disappear and flesh goose bump in response. Acts which are accompanied by slightly maniacal laughter might one add
Sighs only He could turn a disadvantage into a weapon L

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