Monday, May 6, 2013

Predicting patterns

It was a day that was entirely too domestic. Housework, mostly laundry... how do two people go through so many socks... and tidying up a mound of discarded clothes. OK that last one was mainly caused by one small slave trying to find something to wear for the show tomorrow. There was success in the end, but it was at great cost.

The trouble with a new wardrobe is that things are bought as separates with the view to making an outfit. Sometimes things that were bought to go with something else work in theory, but not reality. The trouble is that you don't know until you physically try them on. And occasionally find along the way that the fabulous top, that was such a good fit, is no more. Sighs rather like that leather mini skirt L

He of course is not so organised, holding out in the vain hope that the post delivers a t-shirt he wants to wear. There is no plan B or even a secondary backup plan. The man just makes one twitch at times. How does He live like that?

Mutters you wait, as the organised one of us is trying desperately to get into the study to retrieve the clothes, He will be smack dab in the middle of it all... trying on t-shirts and footwear and changing his mind about jeans. And then, just as one has given up all hope of getting dressed, He will waltz out looking fabulous to complain that we are running late and enquire why it is that one isn't ready K

Twitch, twitch, twitch...

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