Friday, May 17, 2013

Life on an outer ring of hell

At the moment the body has a new party trick... wake up at 4 am and start trying to expel a lung
It has also added a migraine for full effect
And best of all one still has to go to work 'cos there is no one else to do the shift
All we need now is for Him to develop man flu or worse, Master flu and hell on earth will be complete...
'Cos He will want one small slave in the nurse costume to complete his recovery process

Grumbles that bloody present had better be spectacular L


Sarah said...

I hope you either get better soon or get some great meds.

Ps, I think I caught it, uggggh!!!

Turfdawg82 said...

Well wishes on the illness/migraine. I will also agree the present had better be super freaking fantastic at this point.

Master's piece said...

Thank you Sarah... though one doubts this is going anywhere soon enough :/

@Turfdawg82 Sooo fucking good... Sighs though one might add nothing is going to make up for this