Saturday, May 4, 2013


When He comes lumbering out of the bedroom ready for night shift, one small slave usually greets him with some chirpy little version of good morning.  All hail glorious Satan is a personal favourite, but of late good morning skinny bitch seems more apt. The thing is that neither seems to amuse Him as much as they do one's good self. In fact He pauses on the threshold, blinking in the bright light, looking more like he would reach over and smack one if it weren't for the distance one sensibly puts between us. Hey that survival instinct isn't entirely dead J

You know one is half tempted to join one of those M/s groups and ask for advice...
How should you greet your Master upon his awakening?
The only trouble is that one suspects some wag will suggest asking Him. They usually get there quite fast when dispersing their wisdom. And really that isn't where one wants to go... at all.

We all know that His preference will have one listening for his alarm clock so that one can be kneeling waiting for his emergence, preferably naked... and winter cometh
No, think one will just have to figure this one out all alone...
Much safer J


ancilla_ksst said...

Ooooo I have lots of bad ideas, but how about the simple, classic:
Good morning Master.

That is what I usually say, although this morning when we were woken up by an urchin saying a dog had made a mess in the living room it sounded more like a zombie groan "nugghhhhhh". It was good that it wasn't intelligible because it was probably meant to be a string of curse words.

Master's piece said...

LOL See simple is just too... well simple. No fun in that at all and besides, it's 9.30 pm when He gets up. Whispers it's not really morning at all :D

ancilla_ksst said...

Well, then "Good evvvening, Mathter" in an Igor accent would be just about right, I think.

Master's piece said...

See now you are getting into the spirit ;)