Friday, May 3, 2013

Dance little lady

He was trying on a new pair of jeans... an activity one was taking a keen interest in. Right up until one needed to pee. Being well trained... cough, cough... one asked permission all nice and polite
Thought you wanted to see these on He grumbled
Well yes, but right now the need to pee is greater
Seriously there is this whole hierarchy of needs and you know something, it's interesting how your own body prioritises things completely differently from your lord and master
Nope you can just wait He said, taking his sweet arsed time about shaking out the imaginary creases in the jeans
Umm... kinda need to go... now!
Seriously one could have been and returned in time for the floor show by this time
Well you can just dance until I've finished

Sighs the whole thing did prove that His constant whining about how long it takes to do up a button fly is just nonsense... it takes waaay longer to do up one button and a zip K

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