Friday, May 10, 2013

The blame game

How was work He enquired, as he stumbled out of the bedroom
Work was hell, made worse by the fact that one is now as crook as a dog... a small farewell from a work colleague, before she skipped off on the trip of a lifetime, which has got worse since Saturday
He made frantic warding signs with his fingers
Don't try and avoid this. It's all your fault

He carried on making warding signs while cowering behind them. Somewhat ineffectual against someone who was in the middle of making Him lunch one suspects. The contact spread of germs is well documented. He's as good as dying... he just doesn't know it... yet.  In fact He made some weak arsed argument as to why it was all one's own fault

Don't try and duck this. You promised a three day weekend of deep and meaningful communications... er that's code for lots of sex. And at the time one did say we shouldn't discuss the idea out loud 'cos the universe just delights in screwing with our plans.
See really this is doubly His fault... first he put it out there and then he flaunted it
He does not see it that way at all

Sighs sometimes He is completely unreasonable K

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