Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's the little things

Anyone who has ever been in any type of long term relationship will tell you that it is the small kindnesses that make the wheels go round. It's the small thoughtful acts that go a long way to smoothing over the gaps and glitches that pave any long cohabitation with other people. At work it is the work colleague who doesn't spray their manky perfume in the lunch room while you are eating your lunch, who puts away what they used and cleans the bench down so you don't have to... the list is quite endless.  Our intimate relationships are no different.

Even He, from his lofty exalted position, does the occasional random act of kindness that just makes one small slave melt. Little things like coming home, late due to a missed bus, and finding that He had peeled the prawns that were going to be dinner... all six of them. And He took time out of his morning, at the cost of going to the gym, to stop and find one a shoe horn so that the ridiculously tight unbirthday boots (that he had bought) could be eased on...
They are a fabulous fit it's just that with high arches come a high top of the foot that just wouldn't flex enough to get the damn things on

Of course it is also the little things that make our relationship not quite vanilla...
Like the way He picked up the shoe horn, hefted it thoughtfully in his hand and then delivered a series of stinging whacks with the damn thing.
Hmmm... that's quite good. I think you can hang that on the whack rack He suggested helpfully.
Like hell! That bloody thing is going as far from His reach as possible. At least the next room L

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ancilla_ksst said...

It is always the little things. It's not coming home to a box of chocolates and roses every week, it is when he stops by my computer desk, grabs my cold remains of tea, drinks it all, then says "You are out of tea". And a few minutes later he's made a fresh cup for me.