Thursday, May 16, 2013

In related matters

The upside of being sick is more time to read. When unable to breathe very well the gym is the last place one can be found, which frees up a whole hour in the evening. There is a silver cloud to be found everywhere it would seem. That is how one has found oneself on the third book of the Kushiel's Dart series and it is starting to feel like a HBO series. You know... less nudity and sex, but there is escalating violence with every passing episode.

It's still a romping yarn, but one gets less sure as to why the series inspires so many to give name to their proclivities and scamper off to ye local dungeon. Mind you one isn't that much of a masochist... which may be colouring the perception. Even so, the less than sanitary conditions that the heroine is currently residing in are... disturbing. And not in a good way might one add

OK not that much of a masochist and something of a cleanliness freak it would seem J

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