Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Picks and pans

Well the birthday dinner with the work colleagues is over and there was much merriment and laughter. There was also the odd thoughtful gift. It was however coming home to find a new collar waiting on the bench that one wishes to dwell on here.

The collar is, once again, a Stealth Collar by Vad Farkas.
He does lovely work as one has mentioned before and if more companies were as efficient as his, the shopping world would be a beautiful place :D

Sighs it just feels so tight after the looseness of the last one...especially when His hand is jammed in it :(


ancilla_ksst said...

Oh how purty! I must have missed something, though, was there a reason you needed a new one, or?

Master's piece said...

Oh yes, with the weight loss the last one was getting huge. It got in the way of lifting and clanked around when running. Of course it was also roomier...