Friday, June 6, 2014


He stumbled out of the cave just as one was about to sit down and eat dinner. How does He always do that? It's like His senses start tingling whenever one is about to enjoy something that doesn't include him. The man can smell a plan even in His sleep :(

See normally there is a plan; one comes home, scarfs down a quick dinner and trots off to the gym. This night though, one small slave had fooled Him. There was going to be no gym 'cos as one did explain to Him, really one thought it was better to train when one could actually get down to the floor without screaming... might have overdone it a little on Wednesday... just a little. The legs were not cooperating as well as they might.

And so one spent the evening curled up on the couch with Him...
Well once or twice. Getting up and down was just painful and all you could hear over the whimpers of protest and pain was the gentle sounds of Him, laughing.

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