Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Winter warmers

Winter is here and with it comes a few petty annoyances, like cold hands. His cold hands might one add for clarification. Unfortunately His solution to the problem involves planting them on warm slave flesh... not sure when one became the warm person in this relationship, but one suspects it was somewhere along the dieting process. Anyway the upshot is that one will be scampering along minding one's own business, when suddenly hands slip under shirts to nestle around breasts... slowly leaching out the warmth in the process.

It's like slow torture, a fact that one did point out to Him... all in the name of transparency of course. Being considerate resourceful thoughtful mean spirited He changed and adapted. That was how one found oneself being spanked this particularly nippy morning. He says that it worked a treat and warmed his hands up in no time.
Personally one just thought it stung like fuck...
The poor little cheeks were scarlet

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ancilla_ksst said...

It is so warm here now that cold hands sound nice. But I remember less than a month ago I was still being used as a handwarmer. We have so many talents.