Saturday, June 21, 2014

The retelling of Goldilocks

This was the first Saturday off (that wasn't during holidays) in seven years. There were carefully laid plans; a girly trip to the city without Him. See going to the city with Him is... well, it's expensive and usually doesn't produce what one actually went for. Today was the day for brown boots.

Now generally brown is a colour that just makes one want to die on the inside. It's a bit like beige in that respect. And cream for that matter. OK let's just say that one is not a neutral palette kind of girl. But this year one actually has a need for a brown boot.

Of course one can't actually find a suitable pair anywhere. The requirements aren't that exacting; it needs to be a nice deep brown, with a heel, not too tall 'cos five three and sexy would be a bonus. The only one's found to date are Gucci and frankly desperate though one is, one draws the line at paying that much for something that will probably only be worn once or twice before our brief winter is over. Hell it's mostly over already and here one is still looking.

Needless to say the trip was fruitless and by lunch time the calf muscle was protesting and one gave up in disgust and started the journey home. There were plans afoot... a little lunch, a little sex and a snooze. All went well, He wasn't home yet so one tucked into some food and curled up in bed to lay in wait...
And promptly fell asleep

He woke one coming home slamming the back screen door
One came up long enough to go cool, He's back...
And promptly feel back asleep
He came to bed some time later...
'Cos He had been waiting up for one small slave to come home

One was awoken by Him bursting into the bedroom going "you're here" in a tone of complete surprise...
It was rather reminiscent of the bear in Goldilocks. Of course the version of that tale, that we are most familiar with, doesn't involve sodomy of the little thief, but then in that story the bear is young and so is Goldilocks.
Sighs one suspects this was a little closer to modern reality, well around here at any rate :D


ancilla_ksst said...

At least it wasn't the THREE bears.

Master's piece said...

But three is the magic number. How else are you going to find one that is just right? :D