Thursday, June 19, 2014

First time for everything

The other day one trotted around to the gym, sped up and bam! Something hurt like hell in the calf. So doing the smart thing one stopped running... well it was more that the pain stopped one running... but it's the same thing, right? Anyway, doing the sensible thing one let it rest for a couple of days until this morning.

The day dawned dark and sunless, as it does at 5.15 at this time of the year. Feeling relaxed and refreshed, a rare combination mid week, one stretched out and ran to the gym. All was well. Right until one accelerated and bam! The pain came back.

Muttering depreciating comments one hobbled into work to chat to our resident expert on things muscular. 
What have you done he asked.
Pulled the soleus muscle by the feel of it. He looked vaguely impress that one actually knew what a soleus muscle was and felt around before confirming the diagnosis.

So, how long will this take to get better one asked, cutting to the heart of the matter.
He looked somewhat nonplussed
This is the first exercise related injury. Never having pulled anything before one has no idea on what to expect.
Getting old sucks doesn't it was his cheerful reply

Yes, yes it does and so does the idea of no running for weeks! Weeks! FFS this is like being hobbled. There is no possible escape from a predator.
Peers around nervously...

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