Sunday, June 22, 2014

Something blue

At the moment one is wearing an XL Rosebud butt plug. They haven't been worn for a while, as one got bigger they pulled and tugged too much for comfort and so we switched over to the much smaller (by comparison) Njoy. Now, having lost all the weight, it seemed time to get back into them as they are much prettier.

So how does it feel, He enquired over breakfast at the jetty
Um... it's kinda strange. You don't feel the Njoy at all. It just sits there minding its own business. The rosebud you can feel as you walk around. To be honest one never realised that there was a difference. It sort of feels like being fingered in the arse.
Is it arousing He asked
Maybe.... it never pays to sound too happy round here, nothing good ever comes of that
Does it, He persisted
Well yes, a little one admitted, squirming around
Oh I might have to check that out when we get home He said with a smirk
Sighs see no good at all :(