Saturday, June 7, 2014

The snark hunters

Every once in a while someone comes across the pages on Fet and attracts your attention. Not because, contrary to their belief, they are the voice of sagacity, but because they are so logically inconsistent that it is like entering an alternate universe. At the moment one of the annoying memes is that we are all a community and should be supportive of each other. We should take other people's feelings into account when we post. No more should we use a tone that might upset, join together in unanimous voice to tell them that they are being less than sensible or point out to them that they are after all nearly half a century in age, and perhaps some of that acquired knowledge should be put to use.

Any claims that rather than sugar coat their responses the tellers are simply plain speaking folk is met with the idea that they wouldn't speak like that in real life. To which they can argue till they are blue in the face that is exactly how they talk to their friends. The fact it is why their friends like and trust them is also dismissed. After all no one likes the truth without a dusting of sweetness, they certainly don't.

And then you go to their profile and lo they describe themselves as sarcastic. In fact they are friends with people who are noted for their lack of sweetness and light... and one knows this because they are on the friends list too. They do however lead a group where the refugees of the snark wars can live in supportive harmony...
There are rounds of Kumbaya after every carefully worded thread...
It's like watching lambs being fattened up for dinner, all that skipping around, bleating
Meh need more coffeeeee!!!!

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