Sunday, June 8, 2014

Impractical things

We had promised two of our Sunday gaming group a game of Mice and Mystics. They have two unnatural children who seem to have long attention spans and like campaign style games.  So He taught that merry group of four while one small slave slipped out. The plan had been a leisurely stroll around the shops, but we had made a quick viper raid to Simone Perele on the way. 

 Sighs it was such a pretty colour... that will go with nothing in the wardrobe :)

It only left an hour to do some shopping before the stores closed down around one. It was very pushed and ugly as one scampered around doing stuff for Him; like replace his macadamias that might have been left in a cupboard to be found...
You ate my nuts He cried
They didn't have your name on them
You knew they were mine He said in an accusing tone
Well obviously one didn't, otherwise they wouldn't have been eaten
But they were mine He countered
Look you leave things in the cupboard; there was no name on them. If they are for one's exclusive use one declares it so you know or one simply makes sure they are covered in chilli. You did none of those things. They were left there for someone who was peckish to find
So you just didn't care He said
Not really, no

That was why one spent precious time, going all the way to the other end of the shopping centre, to get Him some more. 
Whines it was horrible, one barely made it back in time to get coffee.
Mind you the children loved the game so much, that now the parents have to buy it so they can continue the campaign, so there was some humour in the day :D


Misty said...

Ooooo... Sexy! The first thing that popped in my head was not what will she wear, but what shoes will she wear...priorities, you know :)

Master's piece said...

Oooh priorities are important :D

ancilla_ksst said...

I didn't know the underwear was supposed to match the outfit. Master does complain if my underwear doesn't match- white bra, red panties- but I just don't have that many good matched sets :(.

Master's piece said...

@ancilla_ksst It's not so much that it needs to match, though that is always a nice touch, as that it is the sort of colour that can't be worn under everything. It will show through; white, cream, black, pink or beige (not that one actually owns anything beige. It won't show through blue (nothing blue in the wardrobe), grey (there is plenty of grey underwear)... you get the idea.
And Master is always right... particularly on that point. Geesh and you are the mentor :P