Friday, June 27, 2014

It's alive

Well up at any rate. Think that was a virus, that or the body needed nearly 36 hours of sleep for some sort of experiment. It was a mad science experiment that involved a sore throat, surrounded by swollen glands and a bad taste in the mouth that left one with no appetite. In fact the only thing that tasted good was a latte, which coincidentally was the only thing that didn't hurt going down.
Whatever it was it was too good not to share, so one tottered off to work to spread the joy around a little. We are too short staffed, being nearly four down, for one to stay in bed any longer.

On the bright side He has been fabulous getting up early to make himself lunch and breakfast, cooking the meat that he needed for those meals and generally tidying up after himself. Though one did get the impression, mainly from the frantic warding signals He kept making with his fingers whenever one got near him, that there may have been some ulterior motive behind his sudden interest in domestic science. Fear seems to be a great motivator. Never actually seen a man scared into a kitchen before, but this bug was nasty enough that no one in their right mind would want it.

To add insult to injury our government took this opportunity to add to the woe of threes by sending a letter to inform one that soon a bowel sample kit will be arriving in the mail. Apparently one has now reached that age as well. They couldn't just send one a nice letter to say happy birthday. Oh no, they want samples, from both ends.
Sighs on the bright side one has been too sick to exercise, so the injury hasn't been aggravated by one trying to find ways around it :)


ancilla_ksst said...

Ooof, that is a nasty one.

Master's piece said...

It was virulent that's for sure. The glands are still up, the heart palpitations have started up again and one feels fine. Obviously the body does not agree :(