Saturday, March 24, 2012

The beginning of nothing good

Today is the dawn of another election and what a lacklustre affair it will be. Not because the incumbent government is expected to be ousted in a landslide, but because by and large the people don't give an obese rodents bottom for any of the options. Voting is compulsory here... well turning up is. What you do with your ballot paper is up to you. Personally one suspects that highly sexualised messages will be on the increase... it is an avenue of protest one did seriously consider.

Now one admits to a jaundiced view of politics. It started in the formative years after witnessing the then prime minister of the country of one's birth, emerging pissed as a ferret from a men's room being supported/ supporting... it was a little hard to tell being as they were both in the same state... the then leader of the opposition. Casting an eye over them the thought was and that is what we vote for. Of course being in NZ one didn't have to... an option one took gladly.

Here we have a Labour party that no longer represents the working man... well not a working man that anyone on the street would recognise as such at any rate... and a Liberal party that has never represented anyone other than big business and the rich. In addition to that there are some minor parties that are hardly serious competition and who will give their preferences to one of the above... after some petty wrangling for concessions on subjects near and dear to them. On some issues it is getting harder and harder to tell which major party is which... not exactly choice now is it?

A common feature of O/p relationships is that the owner decides who is going to be voted for... it is one of the many things that spark hot debates on most boards across Fet... but one digresses
This year... well frankly one begged Him to say who to vote for. To be honest it wasn't one small slave getting all owned on Him... it was more one doesn't want any part of this election on the conscience.
He said no
So much for that potential avenue for abdication of personal responsibilities

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