Monday, March 12, 2012

Perception management

We were in the supermarket yesterday, grabbing a few things after work and He picked up some chocolate. Pulling a face one said you could have got a flavour one likes.
He smiled and said yes, but then I would have to share it.
Oh don't think that abuse of power won't end up in the blog one retorted.
Oh typical He replied. Don't mention that I haven't slept because I spent all afternoon crawling around setting up the new equipment so that you can watch TV shows.
Of course one isn't going to write about that. That one implies a high level of sloth, while the other makes one look put upon and abused. Smiling sweetly one paid for the groceries and off we went.

Now the truth is one doesn't watch TV shows without Him. Well there has been the odd time, but it was sort of accidental... blushes guiltily... and one has never heard the end of it so... Generally one watches box sets of murderous and geeky things that He has little interest in, usually while he is asleep. Recently they have changed the format of our downloads and He had to wiz out to by new electronics. New electronics that allow Him to stream directly from the computer rather than putting them on a memory stick. So for the rest of the next morning all one can hear are comments from the lounge like...
Oh we can have slide shows... yeah there is a new type of torture L
Oh this will be great for RPG nights; you can access YouTube videos directly... again another form of torture L

And so this is going on for a while as one is trying to do other things... including eradicating the migraine that has come for a back swing... and suddenly all one can hear is that bzzzzzt, bzzzzzt noise that makes all the little hairs stand up. The body knows that sound... it doesn't have good memories at all. Then there are the sounds of little yips of pain... He's playing the clip of the Neon Wand.
It would seem He can stream everything on the computer L
Fuck new technology L


academicsub said...

Sorry, I had to go back and watch that clip and I confess, giggles popped out of my mouth. Its not funny at all, because I soooo feel your pain and distaste of all things electrical. But those squeaks...well I understand why he uses it on you ;-)

Master's piece said...

Bitch -.-

Unknown said...

Where is this clip?????

Master's piece said...

Follow the link in the blog entry and you will find it... if you haven't already. Some of you seem to have a nose for finding suffering :(