Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little something for beginners

And why you can never downsize...

We spent the day scampering around with His mother; lawyers followed by the heart specialist. While she was with the latter we slipped off to a sex shop. As you do when escaping parental responsibilities... well we do at any rate J In the shop we found the small version of the Rosebud.
There it is next to the XL one just so you can see them side by side and you will notice that the major difference, other than the overall size, is not the jewel but size of the surround.
Now as far as we can tell you can't seem to find them online*, but they are probably tucked away in some little case in your local sex shop... should you be escaping your parents J

Now why did this follow us home you may be wondering?
Well we were looking for a little something... a more discrete little something and thought this might be fun. 

The pros:
  • It would be perfect for a beginner
  • Range of colours
  • Very popular with strippers apparently... probably stops clients trying to stick their fingers where they aren't wanted while looking good
  • If you had a desk job and wanted a little reminder it is ideal 

The cons:
  • If you play with larger toys... and it has got used to a certain size... your arse will eat it. 
Oh it it is heavy enough that it will pop back out if you sit upright, stand up or walk around, but the minute you are relaxed your sphincter muscles do what they were designed to do... suck it up J

It's not that your arse will stretch out of shape with anal toys and sex as much as it develops a muscle memory. Muscle memory is that fabulous capability that aids people who were fit to get back in shape faster than those who have never exercised before. It is also why you often show sooner with your second or third child than you do with your first. It is not that muscles have memories, but we retain the ability to remember how to do something we have done before and it becomes more of a reflex every time we do it.
The body is amazing thing and it does so try to be helpful given half a chance. 
Now if one small slave could just turn it off at will... it was such a pretty shade of blue L

*Finally solved that little mystery... it seems that the plugs come in two sizes L and XL... this tiny baby which is only about 3" in total is the large

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